Monday, November 17, 2014

Strangers on a Train

Traveling on the Subway for work, it has become a frequent norm to watch people and sketch them that sometimes, I do not even notice the people sitting right next to me. There was this one day where I sat right across a colleague from work and he didn't even know I was there all across until I had to go across to him as I got off our stop, 8 stops from where we had both boarded. This was one of the Inspirations to draw, "Strangers on a Train." In a world that promotes everything of the Self... and with the pre-dominant introduction of the word "Selfie" we have built a wall around us and block ourselves in this tight cubicle of ourselves never to know what it is happening in and around us. This drawing is a comical take on one such moment.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Power of Sorry-

"My love, I don't know where to start or what to say,
Cause you know I was never good with words in anyway,
But Here I'm on my knees just to tell you ,
"Truly, I'm Very Sorry."

When the cloud of anger refrains us from thinking clearly and pride sets too deep within to let go of what we have done, it's difficult to see someone else and notice what we have done.If only for a moment we could step back and see How we were forgiven and loved By the Only one and Perfect Jesus Christ, could we see how we should let go of our selves and take the greater step to reconciliation. Saying Sorry is not a sign of smallness, but swallowing your pride and holding onto your self even when you know you're wrong is indeed a sign of weakness and cowardice. May our hearts be filled with love to everyone. May we represent our loving Creator who gave us a heart, not to hate but to love others even if it means to lay down our self.