Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Husband- "How are you Hon?"
Wife- "I'm fine."
Husband-"You've been quiet. All good?"
Wife-"Yes, I'm. Just lost in the Night lights. Everything's so beautiful at night. Thanking God for his goodness."
Husband-"Yes. It's been a long day for both of us."
Wife-"Yeah. But Thanks be to God, we'll get through this just fine."
This artwork has been closely inspired from a Night Drive that Me and my wife had not too long ago. The days leading up to that moment had it's toll on us, so driving that night and seeing her smile brightened that dark space we were in. Something about that night felt special and magical within the silence of that car. It was a reminder of Christ's presence in even our most difficult moments and a constant reminder that through every painful circumstance, his light shines to fill us with joy and peace that sustain us through anything we go through. This Life is a privilege if we do not allow our circumstances to determine who we are, but rise above those circumstances to be molded into God's Masterpiece.