Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blue Bell

This is my latest Character Concept work...to capture the mood...i kept the background minimal...with a blobby touch to hold the magical feel...yet work relative to the character....and giving maximum emphasis to her. Bluebell is the princess of Antcherry hill

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keisha n the Martian Dog

The Martian dog was something that I always wanted when I was a kid... (Who wouldn't want an alien dog who would do anything to be with you.) so this was my next one. Went into giving it a rich pastel look in Photoshop. The best thing about alien dog is....any color you put will look good on them....

Bubble Vacation

This was my First venture into Concept art world after living in a cocoon of my own with the support and inspiration from a wonderful team of new found friends. This was done in Illustrator CS and shows little Dory dreaming away after send her rat friends on a vacation in bubble pods.