Monday, February 23, 2015

Do not Worry, I'm right here.

Couple of months ago while on my way to work,I happened to see a Blind man walk into the train with his Dog. Getting seated right across from me, I noticed the Dog quietly adjusting himself down by his Master's feet while glancing at fellow commuters. This man's face was so lit with peace, having a wide smile across his face. Gently, I noticed this Man reach down to feel his furry companion but couldn't find him.The Dog noticing this quickly responded moving his head into his owner's palm. With a calm sense of assurance,the man rubbed his head lovingly and then sat back to enjoy the ride.
This was a beautiful moment that really tugged my heart strings. I couldn't help but imagine, how easily i could have been like the several others who could have easily overlooked this moment. What transpired there was so beautiful, A Companion that leads us forward through the unknown so selflessly.The Amazing service Dog.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Art Challenge 2015

A dear and Talented friend, Rhody Belo challenged me to do this art challenge of 3 sketches in 5 days. Here's what i'd been actively posting on Facebook. Hope you like it.