Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Long Way back Home

Guy- "Can't believe it. We're finally here."
Girl-"Wow. It's beautiful."
Guy- "Yep it is. So much history here."
Girl- "How does it feel to be back?"
Guy- "Don't know. So many good moments created here. Above everything, there was a lot of love."
Last year, I got the opportunity to go back to the place where I grew up in the Middle East. We do not live there any more and the place had completely changed from what I'd last seen close to a decade ago. Offcourse, there were remnants of the past, but it felt the same yet so distant. That moment came back to me as I started this artwork namely, Long Way Home. In this life's journey we move constantly and often reminiscing past moments can be bitter-sweet but enlightening. Sometimes,the past wouldn't have gone the way we would like but it surely did shape us to become who we are today. I was able to create this artwork trying out that new brush that I'd use recently to do the character works. God Bless you all and Have a Blessed new week.

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