Sunday, April 5, 2015

Talking to Jesus

Mum-"Hey Munchkin, who are you talking to?"
Child- "I'm talking to Jesus, Mama."
"Ok. But, Why were you giggling then?"
"Cause I was sharing a joke with him."
This artwork was inspired from 2 stories that I'd got to hear. What drew me to it, was the moment of closeness that this child shared with our Savior.We were designed to have a personal relationship with our Jesus Christ.Everything in our life stems from this beautiful relationship. We may try to pursue everything in this World, but nothing/ no-one can fill us the way, Our God fills us. This story reminded me, how much our God desires a deep and personalized relationship between us and Him and as we cling to him, we will transform more and more into His likeness. This Easter, may we be filled in the realization of What HE has already accomplished, on the Cross. The price has already been paid in Full for you and me.

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